Understand your Application Process

Step 1: Apply For A Mortgage

Your first step to finding a mortgage, refinancing, transferring, or renewing is to apply. To make it easy, I offer my clients three options.

  1. By phone – This is my favourite way to connect. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to know your options. Let’s hop on a call so I can start taking down your information over the phone and then I’ll follow up with an email letting you know what documents I’ll need from you to finish off your application so we can start discussing what options work best for YOUR situation. Call or text me at 226-378-6136 and we can get started!
  2. Online – If you would prefer to start the application on your own simply click here and fill out the form. If you get stuck, send what you can, and I’ll contact you to help you fill out the rest.
  3. In-person – Call or text (226-378-6136) to book your in-person appointment. The meeting should take anywhere from 10-30 minutes as we take down your information, along with your credit consent.

Step 2: Get Pre-Qualified

Once I have your application put together we can set up a call to go over the best lenders/products and rates that will best suite your needs.

If you are working towards buying a new home I will email you when your application is complete to let you know your pre-approved purchase price and estimated payments and terms so you can make sure the new house fits comfortably in your budget.

If you’re buying a home through a realtor show them this video:

Step 3: Submit Your Mortgage for Approval

Now that I understand you and your needs, we can decide together which lender to submit your application to that is best for you.

Step 4: Your Mortgage Is Conditionally Approved!

Once I’ve found a mortgage that works for you and we have a conditional approval from the bank we can work together to finalize any remaining conditions the bank needs finished off.

Step 5: Financing Conditions Now Complete

Congratulations, your mortgage is officially finished. All you have to do now is meet with your lawyer or title company to register your new mortgage to your home’s title.

With good planning and organization from the very first step, we can work together to make getting the right mortgage, refinance or renewal for you easy and stress-free.